New research presentation written

Today I’ve finished writing a new research presentation based on Dorota’s work. I’ve titled it “Deconstructing a Gene Regulatory Network” and it covers Dorota’s work on modelling the IncP1 RK2 plasmid in collaboration with Chris Thomas. The first part looks at our combining of differential equation models with statistical inference techniques and we get some nice results, including two sets of parameters that fit the data, and some experimentally testable hypotheses about what will happen when all regulation of the system is removed. In the second part, we try to ask ‘why’ the system has evolved to be the way it is, and compare various hypotheses in networks with decreasing levels of complexity (away from the real system). All this stuff is yet to be published so I’m being a bit cryptic on line! Most of the slides, of course, have come from Dorota, so credit to where it’s due.

If you’d like to come to the talk, I’ll be giving it for the first time at 1pm on Wednesday 17th November in the Medical School at University Park, Nottingham, and for the second time on Monday 22nd November at the Nara Institute of Science and Technology, Japan. Yup! I can’t wait till the trip 🙂



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