Modelling and Microbiology – Conference at the eScience Institute

Tomorrow is the final meeting at the eScience Institute in Edinburgh: our conference on Modelling and Microbiology. Although I am a co-organizer, I am unable to attend for family reasons. We will be ably represented by Dorota Herman, who will be speaking on Tuesday at 3:05pm.

The entire meeting will be webcast and can be watched here. We have many good speakers, so I am posting the full speaker timetable below.

Monday July 4th

1.45-2 Welcome (Rosalind Allen)

2-3 Robert Austin (Princeton)
Darwin, ecology and the emergence of bacterial resistance: an
attempt at a synthesis

3.30-4.15 Martin Howard (John Innes Centre)
Dissecting the dynamics of low copy number plasmid segregation

4.15–5 Tobias Bollenbach (IST Austria)
Microbial responses to antibiotic combinations

Tuesday July 5th

9.30-10.30 Martin Ackermann (ETH Zuerich)
An evolutionary perspective on phenotypic heterogeneity in bacteria

11-11.45 Peter Lund (Birmingham)
Insights into stress response from laboratory-based evolution

11.45-12.05 Sara Mitri (Oxford)
Social evolution in microbial communities

12.05-12.25 Fatima Drubi (Leiden University)
Do bacteria sporulate as a bet-hedging strategy in stochastic

2-2.45 Alexander Morozov (Edinburgh)
Self-assembled bacterial rotors

2.45-3.05 Bartlomiej Waclaw (Edinburgh)
Simple models for bacterial evolution with migration

3.05-3.25 Dorota Herman (Birmingham)
Mathematical model for transcriptional regulation of RK2 plasmids and
its evolutional optimisation

3.55-4.40 Jan Kreft (Birmingham)
Individual-based modelling of horizontal gene transfer in chemostats
and biofilms

4.40-5.15 Phil Aldridge (Newcastle)

Continuous control of flagellar gene expression by the s28-FlgM
regulatory circuit in Salmonella enterica

Wednesday July 6th

9.30-10.30 Oskar Hallatschek (MPI Goettingen)
Genetic drift and selection in growing biofilms

11-11.45 Ian Stansfield (Aberdeen)
Negative feedback loops in the translational control of gene

11.45-12.05 Leena Nieminen (Strathclyde)
Modelling metabolic switching in differentiating bacterium
Streptomyces coelicor

12.05-12.25 David Richards (John Innes)
The mechanistic basis of hyphal branching in Streptomyces

2-2.45 Mamen Romano (Aberdeen)
The dynamics of demand and supply in mRNA translation

2.45-3.05 Dominique Chu (Kent)
Optimisation of gene expression resources in bioprocessing host cell

Thursday July 7th

9.30-10.30 John Little (U. Arizona)
Stochastic modelling of the phage lambda regulatory circuit: prophage
induction and stability

11.00-11.45 Francesco Falciani (Birmingham)
A systems biology approach sheds new light on bacterial acid

11.45-12.30 Kevin Foster (Oxford)
Spatiogenetic structure and cooperation in microbe


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