Welcome Matthias Gertsgrasser

We welcome Matthias Gerstgrasser to the group. Matthias writes:

I joined Dov’s team in September 2011 as a Masters by Research student to work on computational modeling of phenotype responses in Brewer’s yeast (though the techniques involved would be equally applicable to other types of microbial growth). This research project investigates Markov Chain Monte Carlo techniques and Bayesian model fitting applied to data generated by biologists at UoN’s brewing science department. This being a highly inter-disciplinary project, and in order to facilitate the cross-fertilisation between the two groups, my research project is run under the umbrella of the MRes brewing science programme, while I am based in Dov’s group for day to day work.
While my previous courses featured some independent research this is my first full-time research position, and also somewhat of a departure from my previous background. I currently hold degrees in pure maths (and, less relevantly perhaps, theoretical linguistics), however I have been wanting to move into more applied fields for a while and have had a long-standing interest in computer science, particularly where it intersects with mathematics. I am thus particularly excited about the research project at hand as this will allow me to combine these disparate interests in a single research area, and I hope to ultimately be able to pursue a research career in this or a similar field.
For those interested, my previous major papers / theses were a Masters thesis in linguistics focusing in negative island obviation effects, a phenomenon recently gathering some attention in formal semantics, and an essay submitted as part of my Masters degree in maths, presenting an introduction to some aspects of algorithmic game theory, particularly price of anarchy results in routing games. These are available on-line at http://othes.univie.ac.at/10735/ and http://gerstgrasser.net/partiiiessay.pdf respectively.

We hope that Matthias has a happy and productive time with us at Nottingham.


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