Start of Study Leave / Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Leicester

Tomorrow, I start a period of Study Leave. During this period, I will be based at the Department of Genetics, University of Leicester, kindly hosted by Professor Ed Louis in the Centre for Genetic Architecture of Complex Traits. I am really looking forward to this period! Three main objectives for this period are:

  1. Complete some of the backlog of research papers – there are 13 in various stages of (in)completion! High on the list include work with Hiroki Takahashi, Mudassar Iqbal and Matthias Gerstgrasser all of whom have now moved on from my lab.
  2. Submit a responsive mode grant – the sort of agreement one has to make with the school to obtain periods of study leave 🙂
  3. I am particularly excited about spending some time with people in Leicester and exploring potential collaborations with people in Genetics, III and Maths.

So before the period starts, I’d like to say a big ‘thank you’ to the people who have made it possible: George Shaw (Head of Division) and Neil Crout (Head of School) for supporting my application and agreeing my period of study leave. Andy French, Danny Smith, Kim Kenobi, Charlie Hodgman and Izah Othman for covering my teaching responsibilities. Helen West for covering my admin responsibilities. Liz Bailey for sorting out my tutorial responsibilities. And of course Ed Louis (Host) and Julian Ketley (Head of Department) for agreeing to host me. If I have left anyone out please forgive me – I will edit the post!


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