Biolog data analysis software training events

Are you making the most of your Biolog data?

Our new HiPerFit software allows you to

  • Fit suitable kinetic models to Biolog data
  • Identify key parameters e.g. lag phase or maximal growth rate
  • Identify best model for data
  • Visualize, compare and contrast results
  • Run analysis in high throughput

Learn to use our software at two free training events

  • Tuesday 30th June at the University of Leicester
  • Friday 24th July at the University of Surrey

At the event you will learn how to

  • Install and run the Biolog data visualizer on your own laptop
  • Ensure that your data is formatted for the Biolog data analyzer
  • How to launch a high throughput analysis run
  • How to use the visualizer to get the most of your data
  • How to install the Biolog data analyzer on a suitable server

Register now at for your free place

Bring and run your own data!

Registration closes on 18th June for Leicester and 10th July for Surrey


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