I stand by the expertise of my academic colleagues, regardless of their Nationality

On this I have to make a public stand.


Expertise knows no national boundaries. One of the privileges of academic life is the opportunity to work with exceptional people from all over the world. We judge knowledge not by the colour of the skin (or passport) of the person who shares it with us, but with its ability to explain and predict the natural or human world.

I am fortunate enough to be part of a team of exceptionally talented researchers trying to understand the spread of antimicrobial resistance in agriculture. Part of our public remit – we are funded by tax-payers money – is to help inform government policy. Our team comprises of of British people, EU Nationals, and people from outside the EU. We are building broad collaborations with people in many countries – antimicrobial resistance also knows no national boundaries – and is a threat to everyone in the world.

I publically stand against the notion that somehow because some people have come from different countries that they are less qualified to advise the UK government. Dangerous, racist, appalling. After fleeing the Nazi annexation of Austria in 1938, by grandfather was locked up by the British government as an “enemy alien”. Is this what we are returning to?


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