Model Parameter estimation for Predictive Medicine

I am delighted to have been invited as a tutor to the Wellcome-Trust funded course on Model Parameter Estimation for Predictive Medicine organized by Sara Jabbari and Joanne Dunster. The course is being held from 4th-7th July at the University of Birmingham and is jointly run with the University of Nottingham.

The course promises to be extremely interesting, covering classical approaches to fitting dynamical models to data along with its main focus on Bayesian approaches, especially MCMC. Particularly pleased to be teaching alongside my colleagues Simon Preston and Theodore Kypraios.

Fitting models to data is a crucially important skill that has been somewhat neglected in mainstream mathematical biology and medicine so it is really great that Sara and Joanne have organized this and that Wellcome Trust has funded it. Do sign up!

Biolog data analysis software training events

Are you making the most of your Biolog data?

Our new HiPerFit software allows you to

  • Fit suitable kinetic models to Biolog data
  • Identify key parameters e.g. lag phase or maximal growth rate
  • Identify best model for data
  • Visualize, compare and contrast results
  • Run analysis in high throughput

Learn to use our software at two free training events

  • Tuesday 30th June at the University of Leicester
  • Friday 24th July at the University of Surrey

At the event you will learn how to

  • Install and run the Biolog data visualizer on your own laptop
  • Ensure that your data is formatted for the Biolog data analyzer
  • How to launch a high throughput analysis run
  • How to use the visualizer to get the most of your data
  • How to install the Biolog data analyzer on a suitable server

Register now at for your free place

Bring and run your own data!

Registration closes on 18th June for Leicester and 10th July for Surrey