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Sankalp Arya


I am – by interest and occupation – a programmer. I did my undergraduate degree in Biotechnology from IIT Roorkee and during my last year project, fell in love with the concept of using programming in this field. I have been with this lab since September 2014 and currently I am working on my PhD which involves development of Mathematical Models for the purpose of predicting emergence of Anti-Microbial Resistance in the slurry tank environment of the dairy farm.

Prior to starting my PhD in December 2015, I completed my MRes in the same lab, during which I developed prediction algorithms for Transcription factor binding sites. The focus was on developing an ensemble method with the various machine learning tools available and developing a weightage algorithm on the results. Before arriving at Nottingham, I was working as an application developer in India, with 2 years at IBM (2011 – 2013) and another as a web developer.

Currently, I continue to work part-time as a web developer and am also the president of the International Student Network at Sutton Bonington campus for the 2015-2016 term. I like to relax with a good novel or go hiking and bowling during weekends.

Alexander Williams


I am a new addition to the STARS doctoral training program, which aims to support the development of soil science. My PhD will focus on evaluating the risk associated with antimicrobial resistance (AMR) in the farm environment. Specifically, I will be investigating the changes in microbial community structure and antimicrobial resistance gene profiles that occur in soil following the application of antibiotic-contaminated slurry. My main supervisor is Helen West and Dov is my second supervisor.

As an undergraduate I studied the antimicrobial properties of coral species and coral microbial community dynamics. I am now eager to apply molecular and culture techniques in the context of AMR, a subject which I have always been keenly interested in since it is a problem of great social and economic significance.

Masters Researchers

Henry Todman

Amber Reed

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