Current Research Funding

As Principal Investigator

NERC AMR Theme 3 £1.5M (2016-2020). EVAL-FARMS: Evaluating the Threat of Antimicrobial Resistance in Agricultural Manures and Slurries. With Jon Hobman, Rachel Gomes, Helen West, Sujatha Raman, Jan Kreft, Stephen Ramsden, Christine Dodd, Chris Thomas, Mike Jones, Andrew Millard, Richard Emes, David Barrett,  Carol Morris, Theodore Kypraios and Chris Hudson.

As Co Investigator

NERC STARS PhD Studentship (2016-2020). In support of Alex williams. With Helen West (PI).

MRF (2017-2022) £2.5M. The Medical Research Foundation National Antimicrobial Resistance PhD Programme. With Matthew Avison (PI; Bristol) and 9 others.